ADS24H Network FAQ

Last Updated: Jul 1, 2019


  • How can I test the integration is working correctly before releasing my app?

    → Before releasing your app to the store, it’s highly important that you test the integration is working properly. Please read through our guide on how you can test your implementation. You can also follow our Getting Started guide if you need help on your integration. Once we review your app, you will be able to serve real ads automatically.

  • What data do I need to pass to Ads24h?

    → For each ad request, the SDK will pass the device identifier (Advertising ID on Android) to Ads24h so that we can determine the proper ad to serve. No information about the person will be passed back to the publisher along with the ad.

  • What is the minimum OS version that Ads24h Network supports?

    → On Android, the latest Ads24h Network SDK can be integrated with apps that target API Version 15 of the Android SDK and above.

Publisher Policies

  • What are your policies for publishers?

    → To ensure the best possible experience for your app's users, follow our Ads24h Network Policies when integrating your ads.
    → We reserve the right to reject, approve or remove any publisher for any reason, in our sole discretion, including publishers that negatively affect our relationship with our people or that promote content, services, or activities, contrary to our competitive position, interests, or advertising philosophy. These guidelines are subject to change at any time.

  • Invalid traffic

    → Invalid traffic includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. Invalid traffic covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks.
    → Invalid traffic includes, but is not limited to:

    • Clicks or impressions generated by publishers clicking on their own live ads
    • Repeated ad clicks or impressions generated by one or more users
    • Publishers encouraging clicks on their ads (examples may include: any language encouraging users to click on ads; ad implementations that may cause a high volume of accidental clicks; etc.)
    • Automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software
    → Please note that clicks on Ads24h ads must result from genuine user interest, and any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions is strictly prohibited by our program policies. If we observe high levels of invalid traffic on your account, we may suspend or disable the account to protect our advertisers and users. Additionally, if we are unable to verify the quality of your traffic, we may limit or disable your ad serving. Due to invalid traffic, you may also see a difference between your estimated and finalized earnings.
    → We understand that a third party may generate invalid traffic on your ads without your knowledge or permission. However, ultimately it is your responsibility as the publisher to ensure that the traffic on your ads is valid. For this reason, we highly recommend that you review our tips for preventing invalid traffic.

  • How Ads24h prevents invalid activity

    → Our specialists carefully monitor clicks and impressions on ads in order to protect your interests as well as those of our advertisers. To do this, we use both automated systems and human reviews, analyzing all ad clicks and impressions for any invalid click activity that may artificially drive up an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings.
    → Ads24h's proprietary technology analyzes clicks and impressions to determine whether they fit a pattern of use that may artificially drive up an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. Our system uses sophisticated filters to distinguish between activity generated through normal use by users and activity that may pose a risk to our advertisers. Some examples of this activity include clicks or impressions generated by unethical users, automated robots and traffic sources, and publishers encouraging clicks on their ads. Our system enables us to filter out most invalid clicks and impressions, and our advertisers are not charged for this activity.
    → In addition to our automated system, we have a team dedicated to detecting invalid activity using several specialized tools and a wide variety of techniques based on extensive experience tracking and monitoring user behavior and analyzing scenarios. We continually upgrade our detection mechanisms to proactively combat invalid activity.

  • How you can prevent invalid activity

    → While our traffic quality team uses both automatic and manual methods to filter out invalid clicks, we also need publishers to follow our policies in order to reduce the possibility of invalid activity.
    → Here are some additional tips to further help you prevent invalid activity on your apps:

    • Don’t click on your own ads, even if you think it’s okay to do so. Publishers may not click their own ads or use any means to inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods. Testing your own ads by clicking on them is not allowed. Please use test ads (available for Android, iOS) to avoid generating invalid clicks.
    • Avoid partnering with untrusted / low-quality parties. Some publishers have had issues with invalid activity when partnering with low-quality ad networks or app promotion sites in efforts to increase traffic to their app.


  • Is there a list of advertisers participating?

    → Publishers will not receive a list of advertisers at any point, including in publisher reports.

  • What is my expected CPM and fill rate?

    → It depends—performance will vary due to factors such as audience, ad placements, and the advertising campaigns that match your user base.

  • Why does my fill rate change over time?

    → Your fill rate may change over time as our network is constantly evolving. Many factors like the demographics of your user base, their geography and advertiser demand can shift and impact the number of ads that could run in your app.
    → If you see sudden changes in your fill rate, please check to make sure that:
    - Your implementation is correct
    - Is your game/application the latest version?
    - Do your download links work?
    - Do users reuse your game/application or only use it once?

  • What precautions does Ads24h take against click fraud?

    → Ads24h aims to deliver valuable ROI for advertisers on the Ads24h Network by ensuring that clicks are authentic and intentional. We have zero tolerance for click fraud committed by publishers and will ban publishers immediately when we detect fraud. We carefully monitor all clicks and impressions served on the Ads24h Network to detect patterns of click fraud. We will not charge advertisers or pay publishers for clicks we determine to be invalid.

  • How is fill rate calculated?

    → Fill rate is calculated based on total filled ads over total eligible requests. Scenarios where a request will not be counted include:
    → Request for an ad is too frequent. For example, if you request an ad with the same placement ID in less than 15 second intervals
    → Advertising ID (Android) is not available or can not be used for ad delivery

Getting Paid

  • How do I set up payments?

    → You can set up payments by completing the publisher payout forms. The forms are located under the payout tab in the "Account" section in your app settings page.

  • What is the payout schedule?

    → You will receive payments around the 5th of each month for the previous month's balance.
    → Contact us by clicking on "Need Help?" button within Ads24h Network Dashboard if you do not receive a payment or if you have questions about the payout process.

  • What should I do if there are problems with my payment?

    → First please check your Payment tab to confirm you have completed the payouts flow.
    → Contact us by clicking on "Need Help?" button within Ads24h Network Dashboard if you have problems with any payment-related issue.

  • How can I change my payment information?

    → If you'd like to change any of your payment information, go to the "Ads24h Network" section in Account and select the Payment methods tab.

  • What is your revenue share with publishers and developers?

    → We believe that the Ads24h Network provides a mobile advertising experience that will better help publishers and developers monetize their apps, but we cannot commit to a specific revenue share at this point. Real-time reporting and expected payout are available in the "Dashboard" section in page.